Receive professional help from academic ghostwriters in the preparation of your scientific work. We’ll explain how ghostwriting works and why it pays to hire a ghostwriter.

What does ghostwriting mean?

Ghostwriting is the writing of texts on behalf of others. The actual author, the ghostwriter, remains anonymous and does not appear externally.


What is academic ghostwriting?

Academic ghostwriting deals specifically with the preparation of scientific texts. These include, for example, scientific papers, studies or surveys.

How does academic ghostwriting work?

When you hire a ghostwriter for the first time, you’re probably wondering how the job is going. With us that is actually quite straightforward:

1) Request offer

Let us make you a free and non-binding offer for writing your scientific work.

2) Confirm order

If you like our offer, you give us all the documents and we can start.

3) We write your work

Now you can sit back and leave the writing of your work to our experienced ghostwriters.

4) Completion

You get your work on time to the agreed date and as a fully formatted Word document by mail.

Non-binding offer

We will send you a free and non-binding offer for your request. Just tell us the requirements for your work, for example via our inquiry form or by e-mail, and we will contact you shortly with an individual offer.

Сonfirmation of the order

If you like our offer and you have confirmed the order, you give us – if available – your previous documents and we prepare your order for processing. With the order confirmation then a first down payment would be made. Immediately after receiving the deposit, we can start processing your order.


If you are still at the very beginning and there is no preparatory work, we start by working out an outline (for smaller works) or an exposé (for larger works). If you have already completed, we can take over your structure or the current status of your work or use it as a basis.

Only after agreement or release of the outline or the Exposés we start writing the work. Of course, your author will be available for any questions during the processing.

Depending on the scope of the work, you will receive individual intermediate statuses (so-called partial deliveries) during the course of the work, which will inform you about the progress and current status of your work.


We deliver your work on time to the pre-arranged appointment. You will receive the text formatted according to your specifications as an editable Word document. If additional documentation is required (for example, SPSS records or Excel files), we will also provide them.

With receipt of the finished work then the balance is to be transferred. For smaller jobs, the fee is split into 50% down payment and 50% final payment. In the case of larger works, partial amounts are already settled during processing, which are based on the progress of the work. As a result, the payment of the total fee is distributed evenly over the processing period in several steps.

Academic Ghostwriting 

We support you with our ghostwriters in all areas of scientific work. From finding a topic, through the first concept, outline and exposé to the finished scientific work.

Is ghostwriting legal?

The term ghostwriter is associated with something mysterious and mysterious due to the naming of many people.

Thrillers like the film “The Ghostwriter” by Roman Polański will do the rest. In the context of ghostwriting as a service, which is usually discreet and confidential, it is also quickly speculated on whether it is a legal service or a business in a legal gray area.

Ghostwriting is basically nothing more than authoring an author (the ghostwriter) to write a text (in our case scientific texts). The ghostwriter creates this text for his client according to his wishes and specifications, receives a fee in return for his work and refrains from being named and / or leaves the text to the customer for free use.

Do you have any questions about ghostwriting that we did not answer on our website or would you like more information on writing scientific papers? Just contact us by mail or by phone. We are happy to advise you and answer your questions!

What can I hire a ghostwriter for?

Our ghostwriters can assist you in all areas of scientific work. It all depends on what you have imagined. We can help you with the conception (for example the preparation of outline and exposé), take over individual sections or chapters of a work or work out a completely finished template:

Finished scientific work

Our ghostwriters write a complete template for your work according to your specifications and wishes. Including preparation of outline / Exposé, detailed literature search, tables & graphs, directories, formatting to your specifications and everything that belongs to a scientific work to it.

Individual chapters

We take over individual chapters or parts of your work. We can finish a work that we have already started, or you can hand over specific chapters and sections of your work (for example, the empirical part) to one of our academic ghostwriters.

Outline and Exposé

Our ghostwriters are the beginning. You do not know exactly how to start and need a structure or concept for your work? We take over the preparation of structure and exposé and you can write the work independently on this basis. And if you need help later, we can come back at any time.

Proofreading, plagiarism testing and translation

You are already done? Qualified and subject-specific editing can often significantly improve the quality of a job. We will show you where there is potential for optimization and implement the changes directly on request.

Ghostwriting and plagiarism – and why they are not comparable

The work of a good ghostwriter in the academic field is by no means equated with plagiarism. Ghostwriters do not do complete text passages without labeling, but basically work the way students, professors and similar groups do. In public opinion, the plagiarism of various German politicians (the best known is probably the plagiarism scandal around Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg) in recent years, however, rubbed off negatively on ghostwriter. However, there is no real connection between ghostwriting and simple plagiarism.