The plagiarism check – so that negligence has no serious consequences

Since the plagiarism scandal around Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg in 2011, which has triggered a series of further investigations among politicians, managers and public figures, the topic of “plagiarism” is in the increased discourse of the public and the scientific community. In many cases, years or decades after the submission of such work, academic grades were withdrawn, often with a career break for those affected. With the plagiarism check you get an instrument at hand to check your own scientific work before submission by modern software and to exclude the risk as far as possible.

What does the plagiarism review of our company offer in detail?

Our modern ghostwriting agency focuses on editing, ghostwriting and other services in the field of scientific work. We offer you to review your term paper, bachelor or master thesis, your essays or your dissertation on plagiarism contained therein – our plagiarism review is based on current software, it is done sentence by sentence comparison with countless databases to clearly identify matches. At the end of the plagiarism check, after the examination has been completed, a detailed report is drawn up in which suspicious bodies are marked.

Note: A plagiarism check is always useful, because the more extensive your work, the more difficult it is practical, after countless revisions, shifts and adjustments to understand whether sources were really complete and correctly introduced. The plagiarism check gives you the basis, inexpensive, fast and effective to check whether you can deliver the scientific work with a clear conscience.

Remarks on the technique of plagiarism testing

There are subject areas where, due to the number of formulas, calculation routines, tables and graphs, a probably more comprehensive plagiarism check is possible than in other disciplines. Basically, practically every publicly published work has been stored in databases in a certain form. On the one hand, the plagiarism check is therefore based on the comparison of public data available on the Internet, but at the same time private databases as well as databases of the test providers come into question as a subject area. The plagiarism check varies with respect to the intensity of the software, an important factor is the selected sensitivity. This refers to the size of the text fragments that are compared – here it is important to find the right middle ground, at the same time all this also affects the speed of plagiarism.

The security: We offer our customers a free plagiarism check to really play it safe. This has nothing to do with the fact that our ghostwriters may be unclean or unreliable, but is simply another reviewer to determine that the work is indeed plagiarism free. If you wish, you will receive a complete plagiarism check with a detailed report without additional costs.

Example of how a plagiarism test works

The following text should be checked for plagiarism. The set sensitivity of the plagiarism check determines how exactly the texts are compared with each other.

The plagiarism software now has to decide how many contiguous words to use for matching. The sentence has a total of 10 words. If the software matched each word individually, there would immediately be 10 hits, because each word will be found individually on the Internet immediately. So logically several coherent words have to be compared.

Here the sentence is divided into two sections and the first five words (or the last five words in the next step) must reappear in exactly the same order for the software to suspect plagiarism. It should be noted that many phrases, phrases or phrases simply repeat often, without it must be a direct plagiarism. Depending on the setting of the software, there is always a small percentage of matches with other texts.If we use a low sensitivity and compare very long parts of the text or whole sentences, errors are of course better excluded. An exactly matching sentence or even paragraph will be difficult to find a second time – unless it is a plagiarism. Of course, it should be noted that with such large coherent text fragments, it is theoretically sufficient to twist only one word so that two sentences are no longer identical. Although modern plagiarism scanners can handle this to a certain extent, it is advisable not to set the sensitivity too low.

Any questions about plagiarism? We are happy to advise you!

Much has been taken up on this subject by the media, so it is often difficult for outsiders to grasp the problem of the whole. However, since plagiarism can have serious consequences, which can sometimes cost scientific careers or jobs, a complete plagiarism check is recommended in any case. We are happy to give you more information about how plagiarism works and answer all your questions about the topic.

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