The editing of our website – So you can play it safe!

Scientific standards are taught today in every subject study, but there are clear differences in how regularly students apply this knowledge by example. Those who seldom have to write homework, essays and the like, but instead rather give exams or oral examinations, simply lack the practical experience and the handling of scientific tools.

With the editing we offer you an examination of your scientific work by experienced ghostwriters, who on request also make a complete contentwise and formal examination – and of course revise the corresponding passages and make suggestions for improvement.

The basic version: the simple editing

Our company acts as a modern ghostwriting agency and offers the support it needs, as needed. With us you can choose from various tariffs the appropriate editing for your purpose, so you decide yourself in which way we review and correct your scientific work.

With the simple proofreading you get a check with respect to grammar and spelling, in addition, the external form of the work is checked. So you make sure that you do not incur any disadvantages due to clerical errors or grossly formal deficits. By “outward form” is meant that our ghostwriters value compliance with style specifications and guidelines, and review work on formatting (margins, fonts, paragraphs, numbering, headings, image and table labels).

In short: the simple editing examines language and form of your work, it is framed in u.a. the spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. On request, we also implement the changes we have named directly in the document. Choose this cost-effective version of a proofreading to rule out formal deficits.

The comfort solution: the extended editing

Especially at the beginning of the study, there is often a lack of support from lecturers or tutorials, so that writing a scientific paper is anything but simple. Strict prerequisites for admission to higher semesters and other factors play a role here, so that a successful completion of module examinations in the sense of a regular course of study is at the center.

With our extended editing you get a complete review of your work, we do not focus solely on language and form, but focus on the content of the work, the structure and the underlying structure. In both tariffs a free plagiarism check is included in each case, also here are proposed changes as well as corrections on request gladly directly in the respective document implemented.

In essence, the extended editing is much more extensive and profound, but it ensures that you deliver an absolutely clean job. Due to the size, we ask you to allow more time for this and to ask for proofreading at an early stage.

Request a free copy for proofreading now

Since each work is not only designed and constructed differently, but also results in differences between the subject areas, we can not and do not want to provide you with off-the-shelf copy-writing.We are always guided by the circumstances and submit you an individual, personalized and non-binding offer for the editing of your scientific work.

Inquire now and keep your chances for a better grading – with us and a copy editing according to your ideas!